May 2008

42 days: ministers on the run

May 30, 2008

It was always obvious (wasn’t it?) that the government’s insistence on trying to extend detention of terrorist suspects beyond 28 days was political madness. Even if they do manage to get it through Parliament, the public won’t thank them, or at least, the silent majority Gordon Brown may suspect backs him on this is, I […]

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American Council of the Blind v Secretary of the Treasury

May 29, 2008

I’ve landed, I’m now with computer, and my sleep patterns are nearly normal, but for my first post-holiday post I’m going to stick with the States. If you’ve ever been there and fumbled in your wallet for a dollar, only to bring out a $20 bill, it’ll have occurred to you that the various American […]

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I am back…

May 26, 2008

and nearly over the jet-lag. But unfortunately my return has coincided with the total and apparently very final expiration of my computer. Bear with me: normal service will resume once I’ve decided whether I can afford the MacAir or not.

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United States v Williams

May 22, 2008

Before I leave the Big Apple, a leader in today’s New York Times drew my attention to this US Supreme Court case in which a federal law on child pornography has been upheld as constitutional. The Times clearly thinks the judgment goes too far in pandering to child protection, and risks limiting free speech. I’ll […]

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Dept. of Revenue of Kentucky v Davis

May 20, 2008

Before I end my blog holiday and come back from New York, I thought you might just be slightly interested in this US Supreme Court case showing that non-discriminatory inter-state commerce is protected in a way analogous to (thought different from, obviously) free movement law in the EU. Here, a discriminatory tax provision was saved […]

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California: gay people have right to marry

May 16, 2008

I’m blogging lite, as you know, but must while in the U.S. of A. mention the decision of the California Supreme Court, which has ruled that gay people have a constitutional right to marry their same-sex partners, just as opposite-sex couples do. The responses of the candidates for the White House are interesting: I have […]

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Baze v Rees: Supreme Court judgment on lethal injection

May 12, 2008

I did say there might be some blawging lite from the US, where I’m currently staying with my cousin Cara in Las Vegas (that’s right!), so here is an all-American caffeine-and sugar-free post, with the judgment (given a few weeks ago now, but very appropriate now given my transatlantic holidaying) of the US Supreme Court […]

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Back from Austria (briefly)

May 8, 2008

I’ve had a very, very nice blawg break, cycling among the mountains of Austria, swimming, doing the tango, drinking Weißbier and playing German word games, among other things. Not really thinking about law, and not blogging. If you read German though, you might be interested in this article by the editor of the daily Der […]

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