The other French story concerns Sarko’s legal axewoman Rachida Dati, the very sexy but somewhat dangerous minister of justice. She’s got herself into trouble by initially defending the judgment of a court in Lille, which granted annulment of a marriage on the basis that the wife, who had claimed to be a virgin, had lied. As it happens, both parties were Muslims.

Dati had to backtrack quickly when it turned out that the whole of France including her boss disagreed with her, and thought the judgment outrageous. And then yesterday she raised the temperature by attacking the opposition socialists (there’s a video here), and the failure of their integration policies. Phew! Sarko is standing by her: it looks as though she’s safe.

It seems part of her motivation has been that at least this type of ruling frees girls from marriages they may want out of. Dati herself got out of a marriage by means of an annulment earlier in her life, it seems. The whole business was discussed on Woman’s Hour this morning.

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