The latest development – the arrest of Baroness Scotland’s former housekeeper and her husband – means this story continues to roll. And if what Guido is reporting turns out to be true, surely her career must be over. If the husband isn’t a solicitor, that’s a bit embarrassing. But if the housekeeper says she never showed her passport to the Attorney, then one of them must be lying, and Baroness Scotland can’t, it seems, prove it’s not her. This must be pretty awful for her: everything she says may be true, and if she does lose her job for it, it’ll be the wrong issue – her taking an overnight allowance in spite of having a London residence is much the worse of the mistakes she’s made. But if that really is what the cleaner says, I doubt even Rasputin could survive it.

It’s doubtful she’ll even make it to Brighton for the Labour conference – and if she does, it may only be for a seaside weekend.