In my last post, I linked to a UN report about the adverse effects of the movement and dumping of toxic and dangerous products and wastes. The Special Rapporteur visited Ivory Coast as part of his efforts to examine the effects of dumping from the Probo Koala. That report is below. But it’s worth quoting from paragraph 84:

the Special Rapporteur is greatly concerned by reports that the company has filed or threatened to file libel lawsuits against various civil society and media institutions that have reported on the Probo Koala incident in a critical manner. Such lawsuits may have the effect of stifling independent reporting and public criticism. In this regard, the Special Rapporteur considers that Trafigura, as a public figure in this case, should show restraint.

Report of the UN Special Rapporteur, 3 September 2009

Thanks to Matt West for uploading the report at Scribd.