Two cases in court this week have involved people whose cause has been championed by John Hemming MP. First, on Monday, there was Vicky Haigh’s case. Today, a man called Norman Scarth, who’s in prison for contempt of court, has been refused habeas corpus by Wyn Williams J in the Administrative Court. He, too, is supported by John Hemming (see this video, at 1m 30s):

If you’ve been following as closely as I have, you may have noticed something a bit odd. According to this report by the Press Association’s media reporter of the Vicky Haigh case Elizabeth Watson, the woman jailed for contempt of court in that case as a result of her internet campaigning for Haigh

gave her name as “Elizabeth of the Watson Family”

You’ll also see that the title of today’s case is Norman of the Family Scarth (The Living Man) v (1) Governor of HM Prison Armley (2) Secretary of State for Justice.

That struck me as something of a coincidence, and after a little research, it turns out there are some people who call themselves “freemen on the land” (and perhaps freewomen on the land; I don’t know), who apparently adopt this sort of style. This blog for instance says that

In the “Freeman-on-the-Land movement, your name is written differently in a deliberate attempt to distance you from your person.

Names seem to be really important to “freemen on the land”. In this video, “Veronica: of the family Chapman” explains (at about 4m 20s) that in her view, the names most of us use are just a way for legal institutions to oppress us. She seems to run this website and this forum, where “freemen on the land” can gather. If you spend much time there you’ll see that “freemen on the land” seem to believe they can be in “lawful rebellion” against legal institutions, and discuss how to fight the council over council tax, among other things including (are you surprised?) “secret courts” and the “forced adoption of children”.

As a matter of interest, it seems former goalkeeper and snooker presenter David Icke is interested in the “freeman on the land” concept. One of his official forums is all about it.

You’ll find the odd “freeman” has apparently signed petitions being promoted by the “Forum for Stable Currencies”, an organisation apparently run by Sabine K. O’Neill, who I mentioned in my blogpost yesterday as having chaired a meeting at which John Hemming MP spoke in January, and having published Elizabeth Watson’s “chronology” of the Vicky Haigh case on the web. Signatory 340 here, for example, to a petition about family courts, calls himself “conrad of the family diraham”. As a matter of mild legal interest, on the same day that petition was also signed (number 353) by a Gedaljahu Ebert, who I dare say is this vexatious litigant. He spoke from the floor at that same January meeting John Hemming addressed, by the way. Signatory 1215 to this petition about Norman Scarth calls himself Simon of the Elder family. I can’t resist telling you that signatory 1991 calls himself “Colonel Muammar Gaddaffi”, and sends a message of support to Mr. Scarth.

I wouldn’t normally post about this sort of thing, but it is the silly season.