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Without Prejudice

Today Charon QC and I recorded a special hour-long Without Prejudice discussion covering a number of subjects:

  • Dominic Grieve’s recent speech on Human Rights, and his appearance for the UK in Scoppola v Italy in Strasbourg last week;
  • the Julian Assange appeal judgment;
  • Ken Clarke’s new sentencing proposals;
  • the Brodie Clark v Home Secretary spat – in particular the relevance of Parliamentary Privilege, and how it might create a serious obstacle to his employment claim,
  • plus legal aid cuts.

It’s a wide-ranging talk – I hope it’s as interesting to listen to as it was to take part in. Listen out for my chance to sound slightly left-wing for once – normally I’m cast as the “bad guy” in discussions of things like civil liberties. I don the black hat again quickly for a spirited exchange about legal aid cuts.

Listen to the Without Prejudice special podcast, or subscribe through iTunes.

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