Yesterday the joint committee of the Lords and Commons on privacy and injunctions took evidence from bloggers including not only the notorious Guido Fawkes, but I’m pleased to say my old Without Prejudice colleague and leading law blogger David Allen Green, who of course was able to give evidence from the point of view not just of a blogger but of a media lawyer.

It’s an interesting session, and I recommend that anyone interested in the debate about privacy or in blogs should watch the full session. David makes some excellent points on the law, and reminds the committee more than once that many bloggers, and in particular legal bloggers, are responsible. I found it somewhat frustrating that, at times, the committee seemed to stereotype all bloggers as recklessly subversive of the rule of law. Most pointedly, in response to a question from Lord Gold (from 15.14.50), David draws attention to the irresponsible conduct of John Hemming MP in breaching injunctions under cover of Parliamentary privilege.

Do watch his and the other bloggers’ evidence. It’s good to see that MPs and peers are taking the blogosphere seriously.