The Law Society asked me recently to take part in a webinar to discuss the future of press regulation with the Law Society Gazette’s news editor Michael Cross – and the webinar’s now available online for free, if you register with the Law Society’s CPD centre. It’s worth an hour’s CPD.

The webinar covers:

  • How the new regime will work
  • What is meant by “news related material”
  • What is the position regarding the internet?
  • How will bloggers and news-based websites be regulated?
  • Exemplary damages and European law
  • Will entrenchment create a bar to changing press regulation in the future?
  • How will foreign publishers be affected?
  • The arbitral process
  • Will regulation mean more litigation against writers in person?

It was great fun to record the hour’s discussion with Michael, and I hope the result’s interesting, too. We begin by explaining the way the new legislative provisions in the Crime and Courts Act 2013 fit together with the competing draft Royal Charters, and then get into the meat of the legislation itself.

Finally, we have a fairly robust discussion and debate about the proposals – Michael and I pretty well represent the two sides of this argument.

Watch the video here.