Hannah Evans was recently made a tenant at her chambers, 23 Essex Street. But, she told Friday’s “Grayling Day” demonstration on Friday,

clouding the entire experience was the knowledge that I might not be able to do the job I love for very long at all.

She expressed her concern about the diversity of the bar after the government’s legal aid cuts, and about its very future,

The bar will be destroyed from the bottom up, and with the destruction of the bar comes the destruction of the criminal justice system

She made the connection between the financial difficulties young barristers face, and what she fears will be systemic collapse:

We know the system, and we know how it will buckle. We care passionately about upholding it, that’s why we are all here today and not at court. It’s not about the money, though I for one am unashamed to ask for a fair wage for the work that I do.