At yesterday’s protest at the Law Society, Maryam Namazie of One Law for All told her audience that Algerian feminists have called that country’s use of sharia family law “twenty years of madness”, and that Iranian lawyers opposed the introduction of sharia law to the point of being arrested, exiled and even charged with apostasy – with the risk of the death penalty.

It’s “tragically ironic”, then, she said, that the Law Society of England and Wales should “side with the Islamists”

by issuing sharia-compliant guidance that matter-of-factly endorses discrimination against females, non-muslims and so-called “illegitimate” children.

Sharia, she said, is

based on a dogmatic and regressive philosophy, and a warped understanding of the concepts of equality and justice; it is primitive, patriarchal and based on inequality, retribution and religious immorality.