The two opinion pieces that have most closely reflected my views are those by John Rentoul in the “Sindy yesterday and Hugo Brady at Comment is Free. I think John Rentoul is right that

When the voters of France and the Netherlands threw out the constitution in the summer of 2005, that should have been the end of it. Instead, the corpse sat up in the bath.

They’re both right that Lisbon is dead and I agree with Hugo Brady that a more low-key, pragmatic approach from leaders is needed in future. I might surprise one or two people when I say I also agree with his implication at least that some of the Lisbon changes could and even arguably should be brought in piecemeal anyway: I see no outrage in this as long as they limit the EU’s power.

This FT reaction at least recognised that political leaders bear some responsibility for the “crisis”, but I despair when I read pieces like this from Jackie Ashley and these in Le Monde and Le Figaro.

I’ve also been contributing to quite a sharp debate at Jon Worth’s Euroblog.

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