This weekend Charon interviewed John Hirst of Prison Law Inside Out about his experience of life in prison, his thoughts on the penal system and about his victory a couple of years ago in the European Court of Human Rights in Hirst v UK, in which he successfully challenged the legal bar preventing prisoners from voting. Well worth listening to.

And after, that, Charon discussed the Hirst case with me! I don’t have strong views on whether prisoners should be able to vote – I was happy with the status quo but I can also see a good case for the ban being removed completely. But I am quite critical of the ECtHR’s judgment: I think it reduced the margin of appreciation to vanishing point and intervened far too readily with the UK’s approach, and on the basis of bad reasoning. We also talked about about Lord Phillips and my extreme and immoderate reaction to his lecture the other day.

You can listen here to Charon’s interviews with John Hirst and with me.

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