John Cooper QC on the Global Law Summit: “By going there, we are tacitly endorsing what Grayling is doing”

The Criminal Bar Association’s acceptance of an invitation to speak at the government’s Global Law Summit next month is “pandering” to the Lord Chancellor’s “political opportunism”, John Cooper QC said today in an interview for this website. going to this jamboree in my opinion is copping out said the leading criminal barrister. We should not […]

Without Prejudice: the Leveson report

Without Prejudice returns – today from Gray’s Inn – to discuss the Leveson report and political reaction to it. Charon QC chairs as media lawyer and journalist David Allen Green, mature law student (and Without Prejudice sound consultant!) Jez Hindmarsh and I talk about: the legal basis of the inquiry; Leveson’s recommendations for a new kind of press self-regulation; the nature of […]