CharonQC managed to secure an interview today with Mark Stephens – no doubt a very busy solicitor at the moment, given the arrest and detention of his client Julian Assange on a European arrest warrant from Sweden.

Mark Stephens tells us a number of new and interesting things in this interview, including a bit more detail about the suspected offences, his surprise at Assange being denied bail, his views on the conduct of the prosecution in Sweden and securing access to Julian Assange in Wandsworth prison, and he gives his views about the possibility of an extradition attempt by the US authorities either from the UK or from Sweden. He also goes beyond the extradition case itself to talk about Wikileaks and freedom of expression, and the conduct of companies who’ve suspended payments to Wikileaks.

Charon’s been kind enough (too kind in fact) to thank me for help – so maybe I’m biased. But I think this really is a must-listen for anyone interested in law, Wikileaks or the Julian Assange case.

Listen to the podcast here.