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Without Prejudice

In this week’s bumper edition of Without Prejudice no fewer than three guests – former (and perhaps future) LibDem MP Dr Evan Harris, the lawyer, blogger and tweeter David Wales, and the editor of the UK Human Rights blog Adam Wagner – join Charon QCDavid Allen Green and me to talk about:

  • what criminal offences rioters and looters are being charged with, and why;
  • the Riot (Damages) Act 1886, and
  • whether rioters and looters should be denied social housing;
  • the European Court of Human Rights’ judgments in Al Skeini and Al Jedda;
  • the withdrawal of human rights organisations from participation in the Gibson inquiry into complicity in torture;
  • the government’s Bill of Rights Commission; and finally
  • Hackgate, the terms of reference of the Leveson inquiry, and what to hope and fear from it.

We run slightly longer than usual, at around 80 minutes – but we thought it was worth it. Listen to the podcast here, or subscribe through iTunes.

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