In Without Prejudice this week Charon QC chairs a free speech special.

Nick Cohen, writer, journalist and author of You Can’t Read This Book joins barrister, policymaker and former Conservative candidate Joanne Cash, David Allen Green and me to talk about free speech in Britain today including:

  • threats to free speech from extreme religion,
  • the need for libel reform
  • privacy law, and whether Britain needs its own “First Amendment” and
  • government plans to allow very free speech to employers in the form of “protected conversations”.

I agree with what Joanne says about Nick Cohen’s book: it’s a serious look at the culture as well as the law around free speech today, and makes important points about self-censorship particularly by those who think themselves liberal, and about the free-speech-free zone that is work. I’m really pleased he was able to come and talk to us.

You can also hear Joanne speak up for a British First Amendment and against privacy law, David say I’m talking poppycock (as usual) and a nice but short exchange about the legality of the Iraq war.

Listen to the podcast here – or or subscribe through iTunes.

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