This afternoon I spoke to Charon QC about Ecuador’s decision to grant asylum to Julian Assange.

The interview deals with a number of myths that have attached to this case – including the idea that what he’s suspected of in Sweden wouldn’t amount to rape in England, and the idea that his not having been charged means it must be wrong for Britain to extradite him – before going on to discuss the current situation, and what might happen next.

As well as kindly linking to a few posts of mine, Charon reminds us of a couple of discussions on the Julian Assange case that he’s chaired: his 2010 interview with Mark Stephens, who was then acting for Julian Assange and which is the fullest and I think most revealing interview given by anyone involved in Assange’s legal teams; and our Without Prejudice discussion of the Supreme Court judgment.

But please listen first to today’s discussion, in the player below.

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