The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom opens officially today – and with it, a new chapter in this country’s legal history. The Guardian has a leader about it today, and the opening is likely to be covered widely in the media. Sittings actually begin on Monday, when the Justices will begin to hear the appeal in H.M. Treasury v A and others and a leap-frog appeal from the Administrative Court in H.M. Treasury v Hay. These judicial review cases raise similar issues relating to the validity or otherwise of Treasury orders freezing the assets of people suspected of aiding terrorism – specifically, Al Qaida and the Taliban.

You can visit the Supreme Court’s website already, though – and listen to an interview recorded a few days ago by Charon QC for the College of Law with Jenny Rowe, the Supreme Court’s chef executive, about how the court will be run, its jurisdictions and membership, its running costs, facilities and access to the public and broadcasters. Jenny’s giving that interview is a very good sign that the court will be as open as I’d hoped – and she says we’ll be able to download documents filed in cases, presumably including written submissions. Very good news.

Oh, and watch out for Sky News tonight from 7 – I’ll be discussing the Supreme Court, and specifically the significance of the facts that TV cameras will be recording the Court’s proceedings for broadcast.