John Cooper QC on the Global Law Summit: “By going there, we are tacitly endorsing what Grayling is doing”

The Criminal Bar Association’s acceptance of an invitation to speak at the government’s Global Law Summit next month is “pandering” to the Lord Chancellor’s “political opportunism”, John Cooper QC said today in an interview for this website. going to this jamboree in my opinion is copping out said the leading criminal barrister. We should not […]

Tom Robinson: there’s one law for the rich, and another one for the poor

There were a number of musical interludes at the Rally for Legal Aid yesterday, including this song written especially for the occasion by Tom Robinson. A few of the lines might be uncomfortable hearing for some lawyers: “soliciting”, the narrator’s father thought, was “enforcing for the bourgeoisie”, and the “whore” Justice’s “chummy smug monopolies are […]

Sadiq Khan: we probably have the most legally illiterate Lord Chancellor in the history of our country

Labour’s Shadow Lord Chancellor Sadiq Khan MP relished attacking Chris Grayling in his “Rally for Legal Aid” speech outside the Old Bailey yesterday. Grayling, he said, was a man with no idea of our history who believes “if you are charged with a criminal offence, you are a criminal”, that if a judge finds against […]

Andy Slaughter MP: this is going to be a long struggle

Here’s another speech from Tuesday’s legal aid demonstration – this time from Labour’s shadow justice minister, Andy Slaughter. I think those interested in the debate about legal aid are not only entitled to, but should, closely scrutinise Labour’s plans as well as the government’s. There’ll probably be a Labour or Labour-led government two years from […]